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Direct Deposit Update

If you are applying for unemployment benefits or re-opening a claim, and you'd like to receive benefits by direct deposit, your bank must have a physical location in Ohio. This is required by a new state law. If your bank doesn't have an Ohio office, your benefits will be paid through a US Bank ReliaCard prepaid debit card.

Identity Verification Update

We recently implemented new security measures as part of our ongoing efforts to defend Ohioans and the state from cyberattacks, fraudulent activity, and bad actors.

What will be different?
The first time you file a claim after September 27, you will be prompted to verify your identity. Even if you have verified your identity in the past, you will need to verify it again.

You will need to provide the following information when prompted:

  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your address.
  • A mobile phone number if you have one.

These new security measures will simplify the identity-proofing process by relying on multiple data points. They will allow us to continue our fight against fraud while improving the user experience.

For more information
For more information about the log-in process for unemployment claimants, please click here.

Need help with your OH|ID?
Get login help or refer to the OH|ID Help web page to learn more about using your OH|ID.

If you need further assistance, please call 1-877-644-6562 during business hours.

OH|ID Update

If you received a text message directing you to contact us regarding changes to your OH|ID account. This is not a scam. Visit and click the red box labeled "I want to Report ID Theft/Fraud" and then click "Report ID Theft: For Individuals"

New Deadlines

The deadlines to complete the requirements recently changed. Most new claimants must now post a resume by Week 4 and complete the Career Profile assessment by Week 8. We recommend doing both of those things as soon as possible, to get back into the workforce as soon as possible! See your New Claim Instruction Sheet for details.

Work-Search Requirements

Unemployment claimants are required to conduct at least two work-search activities each week. If your work-search requirements have recently changed, you will be notified.

If you are in agency-approved training, or if your employer notified us that your layoff is temporary, your work-search requirement will be waived. It will be considered “met” if you are attending school or if you are a member in good standing with a union hiring hall that refers its members to jobs.

Whether your work-search requirements have changed or not, you still are encouraged to make good faith efforts to secure employment.

To learn more about allowable work-search activities, click here.

Determination Notice Change

Due to changes in Ohio law, you may now receive multiple determination notices after you apply for unemployment benefits. Be sure to read them closely. If any one of them say that no benefits will be paid, you will not be eligible for benefits.

The monetary determination notice will state whether you worked enough weeks and earned enough wages to qualify for benefits. It will include your potential benefit amount, but this does not necessarily mean you will receive benefits. You will get another notice stating whether you met all the other requirements.

988 Lifeline

It’s OK to not be OK. 988 provides 24/7, free and confidential support for anyone in a behavioral health crisis. Ohioans can call, text, or chat online to reach a trained specialist who can offer help and support. If you need help, call or text 988 today.

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