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ERIC Maintenance

The ERIC application will be unavailable from Thursday evening, February 23rd 2017, from 6:00 pm until Monday, February 27th 2017, at 7:00 am, for a system upgrade. Please see next slide for additional information on the upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

ERIC Maintenance
Coming Soon: Upgrades to Ohio's Unemployment Insurance System!
In the upcoming weeks, based on feedback from employers, several improvements will be made to the Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC). ERIC will:
• Be accessible from a shorter web link: eric.ohio.gov
• Be fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11
• Require password changes once a year instead of once every six months
• Allow users to request password resets via email
• Utilize the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat software to make viewing and print correspondence easier
ERIC users can manage all their business related to unemployment contributions, including registering new businesses, filing quarterly reports and making tax payments.
Existing ERIC Users: Your user name/IDs and passwords will remain the same. Be sure to bookmark: eric.ohio.gov.
ERIC Upgrade

ERIC Early Federal Loan Payoff Means Employers will see a Reduction of $72 Per Employee

In June 2016, Governor Kasich signed HB 390 giving ODJFS the authority to pay off the remaining balance of the Federal Unemployment loan using state funds. This early payoff means employers will see a reduction of $72 per employee in their overall Federal/State unemployment cost. Without the early payoff, Ohio employers would have been assessed an additional 1.8% per employee in FUTA taxes.

To replenish the state loan, experienced rated employers will pay an additional rate on their 2017 state unemployment quarterly reports. This additional rate (0.6%) will be listed in the Mutual Rate portion of the 2017 rate notice. Money collected from this additional rate will be used to repay the state loan. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Contribution Section at 614-466-2319.

ERIC Early Federal Loan Payoff
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Employer Resource Information Center

Welcome to the Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC). ERIC is a self-service unemployment compensation tax system. Employers can use ERIC to register for new employer account numbers, get web access for new and existing accounts, file quarterly reports, make payments, and manage their accounts. Third-party administrators (TPAs) can use ERIC to obtain new TPA account numbers, get web access to new and existing accounts, and manage multiple authorized employer accounts all with one login.


If you have questions regarding your unemployment compensation tax account, please contact the Office of Unemployment Compensation, Contribution Section at
614-466-2319 and follow the prompts.

If you need assistance with uploading quarterly wage files, please contact the Wage Record Section, Electronic Wage Reporting Unit at 614-466-2319,ext22489,or WAGEOHIO@jfs.ohio.gov.

If you need technical assistance with the Employer Resource Information Center, contact ERIC System Support at 614-466-2319,ext22484,or AskERIC@jfs.ohio.gov.

Confidential Information

By accessing the ODJFS Unemployment Compensation System I understand that the system is intended for the explicit use of employers and their representatives for the purpose of conducting unemployment compensation business. Information requested on the following pages is required pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, chapter 4141. The information that is submitted is not open to the public. I am aware that the information I provide must be true and correct. I understand that there are penalties for making false statements and for failing to furnish information as required by the director.