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Employer Unemployment Compensation Accounts

Ohio employers can manage their unemployment compensation accounts online. Click below to access the desired unemployment compensation account.

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A New Opportunity to Evaluate Potential Employees
The Ohio Learn to Earn (OLE) program is a new statewide initiative developed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. OLE gives Ohio employers the chance to observe the knowledge, skills and work ethic of potential employees, without paying wages or stipends and with no obligation to hire.

Please visit for more information.
Visit the Office of Unemployment Compensation on Facebook
The Office of Unemployment Compensation is happy to announce that you can now visit us on Facebook. Stay connected with the latest information from the Office of Unemployment Compensation by going to and searching for "Ohio Unemployment Compensation JFS" or by clicking here.
Protect Your Business From Higher Taxes
Employers can avoid unnecessary unemployment tax increases and other costs by taking a few simple steps.

The Office of Unemployment Compensation recently released the "Protect Your Business From Higher Taxes" fact sheet. The fact sheet outlines three critical steps that employers can take to help reduce their costs. A .pdf version of the document can be accessed at

To report questionable employer practices, please e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-686-1555 and select option 2.
Thursday, March 24, 2011
Welcome to the new Employer Unemployment Compensation Accounts page:
From here, you may choose to access Unemployment Benefit Information, via the Ohio Job Insurance (OJI) benefit system, or Unemployment Tax Accounts, via the Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC) system. To proceed, click on one of the two illustrations below. If you have an existing OJI account, you will continue to use the same OJI log-in information as before. Please refer to the OJI (Benefits) User Guide for further instructions for a new OJI benefit account. If you are logging into ERIC for the first time, the ERIC log-in screen will provide instructions for obtaining a separate and distinct ERIC user ID and password.
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Manage Benefit Account
Manage Taxes
Manage Tax Account

Click to access and manage your unemployment benefit account

Click to access and manage your unemployment tax account


Confidential Information

By accessing the ODJFS Unemployment Compensation System I understand that the system is intended for the explicit use of employers and their representatives for the purpose of conducting unemployment compensation business. Information requested on the following pages is required pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, section 4141. The information that is submitted is not open to the public. I am aware that the information I provide must be true and correct. I understand that there are penalties for making false statements and for failing to furnish information as required by the director.